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eCatalog is an extremely effective tool for direct and targeted marketing of a company's product range. eCatalog is cheaper & much more effective than conventional Paper Catalog.

Today's customers are demanding more that suppliers provide them catalog information on CD rather than space-consuming printed catalogs and binders. It is a nice value-added service a company can offer with a minimal investment when compared to printed literature.

Unlike printed materials, it is extremely cheap, easy, and fast (instant) to change information on an e-catalog.

An eBrochure is sure to impress. This cutting edge marketing tool is more efficient than traditional printed brochures and can reach your clients with unsurpassed lightening speed.

The benefits of e-brochures and e-catalogs are numerous & significant :

  • Instant delivery through e-mail or online download
  • Cost effective
  • Increased productivity & efficiency
  • Eliminates printing and mailing costs
  • Allows interactive presentation
  • Pages fit your desktop screen and turns like a real book, no scrolling required.
  • View and interact with its content offline at your leisure
  • Printable pages
  • Drives traffic to your website with built in hyperlink
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eBrochure / eCatalog
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